QSC and The Egg
As viewed from a distance, The Egg - Albany, New York's incomparable performing arts center, which hovers like an outsized, hen-borne UFO over Empire State Plaza downtown - is as much sculpture, as it is an architectural rendering. Designed by Wallace Harrison, the oval-shaped structure is the home of the 982-seat Kitty Carlisle Hart Theatre, a room which has hosted acts this season ranging from the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra to Shawn Colvin and Little Feat.
   Like the exterior of The Egg, the Hart Theatre is anything but linear inside. Curving upward to gently intersect with a concave ceiling, the walls gracefully envelope the seating section, leaving not so much as a trace of a harsh corner or broken sight line. Acoustically warm and almost celestial in effect, the environment recently received an audio upgrade utilizing QSC PowerLight/PowerLight 2 Series amplifiers, QSC DSP-3 processing, and loudspeakers developed jointly by the Costa Mesa, California-based manufacturer and Richard Dalbec of Dalbec Audio in Troy, New York.
   Successfully tested within 18 widely varying applications prior to their installation at The Egg, the loudspeakers are model 2122 HL enclosures housing a pair of vertically-spaced 12-inch drivers and a centrally-mounted high frequency section outfitted with a compression driver featuring a 1.4-inch throat. Flown three-to-a-side at The Egg in accordance with a blueprint penned by Dalbec Audio System Designer Dominick Campana, the QSC 2122 HL boxes are buttressed at the low-end by four Model J-18 horn-assisted subwoofer enclosures.
   "We built these devices to be highly-controlled, fully-arrayable, and compact," Dalbec says of the guiding philosophy leading to the construction of the new QSC loudspeakers. "And powerful as well. Based upon our evaluations, they generally offer the output and directivity control of cabinets twice their size."
   Within the unique confines of The Egg's Hart Theatre, the QSC 2122 HL loudspeakers have to contend with an exceptionally tall-and-wide (45 degree x 200 degree) environment. Able to meet these demands thanks to the predictable directivity and wide, seamless coverage afforded by their horn-loaded design utilizing WaveGuide technology, the devices were cited for "compelling clarity" in a newspaper review of Shawn Colvin's performance published in early August.
   "There is definitely a pattern of controlled linear activity at work in these cabinets," Dalbec adds. "At The Egg, even though they are flown right next to one another, overlap in the field of coverage is non-existent. We're truly getting seamless performance out of the arrays, and you can hear it in every seat in the house."
   Assisting on the development of The Egg audio system in Hart Theatre was QSC's Jim Skiathitis and Dalbec Audio's Jon Goodman.

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